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The Atlantic salmon plays a vital role in a number of aspects of Scottish society and Scotland's Salmon Festival celebrates and builds a greater awareness of the Atlantic salmon. It brings together many key organisations to raise awareness and celebrate the Atlantic salmon as an iconic species and its key role in Scotland's river environments.

The primary aim of Scotland's Salmon Festival is to raise awareness of the Atlantic salmon, its lifecycle, cultural and economic importance in Scotland and the pressures that it currently faces. This in turn links to challenges associated with the integrated management of the wider aquatic environment in Scotland.

For the first time, Scotland's Salmon Festival brings together a range of interests from across the wild fisheries and aquaculture sectors, promoting constructive engagement and developing mutual understanding. It recognises the importance of protecting and enhancing our iconic wild salmon and sea trout fisheries, together with the benefits that an environmentally sustainable and competitive salmon farming industry can bring to Scotland.

All kinds of food production, including aquaculture, will have some impact on the environment. The challenge is to minimise these impacts in a way that ensures that wild and farmed salmon can co-exist. In recent years our understanding of the interactions between wild and farmed salmon has improved. In response, the aquaculture industry has significantly increased its efforts in relation to the prevention of escapes and the control of sea lice. There is still much work to be done, but the probability of success is much higher if all interests can work together in the spirit of partnership and mutual trust.

It is hoped that Scotland's Salmon Festival will further encourage cooperation between scientists, the farming industry, Government and the wild fisheries sector.

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